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The Hermes House Band is one of a kind. In the last few years, they have been among Holland’s best selling international music groups with their catchy remake of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. To this day, more than 1.2 million copies were sold world-wide and that number is still growing each day.

Should there be a single secret to the success, it’s called Fun, for that’s what the Hermes House Band is all about. They don’t just perform, they create a party on stage, such that it is contagious to the audience. It’s the same atmosphere they put into their recordings, which is why so many people like to listen and dance to them on different occasions. History In 1984, a bunch of students, who sought some diversion from their daily routines, picked up their instruments and founded the Hermes House Band. They named the band after their
fraternities home “Hermes” in Rotterdam. Before long, the band incorporated a full horn section and played the various stages in Holland. After having some initial commercial success with their CD “Hallo Rotterdam” which listed songs in the Dutch language, they had their big brake with “I Will Survive”. January 1995 it reached #1 and platinum in the Dutch charts and became one of the biggest selling records of the year. By that time the catchy “LaLaLa” sing-a-long tune was heard all over the country in the stands at soccer games and other big sporting venues. That same period the song entered the top 10 in Belgium. In the autumn of 1997, “I Will Survive” was released in France, quickly becoming well known as the anthem for French Top Division Rugby team “Le club Stade Français”. It was an instant hit at sporting events and reached the #3 position in the French charts, selling over 400,000 copies! In Belgium the song re-entered the charts, this time reaching #3 and gold.

During the summer of 1998, the French soccer audience cheered their home team all the way to World Cup glory chanting LaLaLa, causing a second wind in France all the way back to number 3 in the charts. Another 500,000 copies were sold! In the summer of 1999 I Will Survive climbed to the #17 position in Germany and has had great success in Mexico. Meanwhile the follow up single Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You was released in Germany followed by Back To Brasil and in May 2001 Country Roads which reached #2 in the charts in Germany.

The story continues. Country Roads is now spread throughout Europe. Releases in Ireland, UK , Denmark and Holland with enormous success!! Last but not least the Hermes House Band released a new album (The Album). All previous hit singles are included as well as some brand new party tracks!! The fun is just about to begin…