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Chris Brann is an American electronic music producer and remixer. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Brann is known for his work under the monikers Wamdue Project.

Chris Brann started producing music in 1994, teaming up with DJ Deep C (Chris Clarke) and Udoh (Chris Udoh). The trio started producing tracks together under the name Wamdue Kids, releasing house music EPs. The trio remained together until 2000, releasing tracks under the names Wam Kidz and Wambonix. Since then, Brann has worked alone as a producer, employing vocalists and instrumentalists according to his needs. Vocalists Gaelle Adisson and Terrance Downs, in particular, have been regular contributors to many of Brann’s tracks.

While still affiliated with Clarke and Udoh, Brann started producing tracks on his own, using a variety of names, the most prolific of which are Wamdue Project, Ananda Project and P’Taah. Brann has mentioned he finds house music too easy to create, and has experimented creating music with influences from many subgenres of electronic music, such as deep house, downtempo, techno and drum and bass.

Chris Brann is better known for the hit “King of My Castle”, released in 1997 under the name Wamdue Project. Originally produced by Brann as a downtempo piece, it achieved worldwide fame thanks to a remix by Roy Malone in house form. “King of My Castle” sold two million copies worldwide and is reportedly the best-selling single ever for the Strictly Rhythm label, as well as peaking at number one in the United Kingdom and a number three in Germany in 1999. A follow-up Wamdue Project single, “Where Do We Go”, hit number nine on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1998. One more single (“You’re The Reason”) achieved success in Germany and the United Kingdom. A 2000 re-release of “King of My Castle”, with new remixes, hit the top spot the following year.



The Vengaboys is more a euro pop project than a real euro dance project in the literal sense of the term. Originally, the Vengaboys was a working name of two Dutch DJ’s, known as Danski and Delmundo. Their real names are Dennis van den Drieshen and Wessel van Diepen. Wessel van Diepen is a famous Radio DJ in the Netherlands and he wants to stay anonymous. Wessel van Diepen made more productions. In 1991 he got a big hit with James Brown Is Dead from L.A. Style.

The origin of the Vengaboys, according to van Diepen, comes from the time when they were touring with their school bus across Spain from 1992 till 1997. During one of the hottest Spanish summers (1996), the Vengaboys met up with Kim and the other band members (Roy, Denice and Robin) at one of their beach parties. During the autumn of 1996 the idea grew that it was time to expand the over successful parties throughout the world. They would be performing under the name the Vengaboys.

Danski and Delmundo based themselves in a well-equipped studio in the northern part of Europe, while the band members continued their over successful European tour under the name Vengaboys. The first two singles only had a local success. Parada De Tettas, featuring Kim, and only released in the Netherlands, reached number 14 in the charts. To Brazil was a Dutch summer hit, reaching the #22 position. Everything began with the single Up & Down, which was released in 1997. It went Top 5 in the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain. In fact, it was a big hit across Europe, reaching #4 in the UK. The UK really caught the Venga-flu, where the band has since had 2 #1’s with Boom Boom Boom Boom!!! (including remixes by Brooklyn Bounce and The Klubbheads) and We’re Going To Ibiza. Along with We Like To Party, these four singles have given the band a combined sales total of almost 2 million singles in the UK alone.

The first Vengaboys-album, Greatest Hits went platinum in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, South America and India. The release in America and South Africa meant gold, while sales in Holland and Canada resulted in triple platinum. So far, the Vengaboys have sold over 10 million singles and 4 and a half million copies of their albums, proving to be one of the most successful Dutch pop group ever.



Urban Cookie Collective are a British Eurodance/pop music band, best known for their 1993 hit single “The Key The Secret”.

The band was founded by Rohan Heath. He learned to play classical piano as a child before switching to the electric piano. He had previous experience with groups such as Yargo and Manchester DJ A Guy Called Gerald.

Heath wrote and produced their first hits, “The Key, the Secret” and “Feels Like Heaven”. He brought in vocalist Diane Charlemagne for many of the group’s early tracks. She eventually co-wrote some of the songs and became a major part of the band.

The band still remain active, and currently tour fronted by singer Danielle Barnett.