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Twenty 4 Seven is a Dutch Eurodance act, created by record producer Ruud van Rijen in 1989 has performed across Europe and Africa, and as of 2010 is fronted by Li Ann and Stacey “Stay-C”.

One of the earliest popular Eurodance projects, the project originated as a hip hop group, and transitioned to the mainstream Eurodance sound in the early 90s with “Slave to the Music”, the band’s most successful single to date.

The combination of traditional rapping with female choruses proved to be a success, with their first single, “I Can’t Stand It!” charting at no 3 in Israel, reaching #7 in the UK Singles Chart in 1990. The next single, “Are You Dreaming”, did similarly well, reaching number 17 in the United Kingdom. In mid-1990, Street Moves, the project’s debut album, was released.

In 1993, Twenty 4 Seven returned with “Slave to the Music”, which charted impressively in whole European countries. The band quickly followed with “Is It Love”, “Leave Them Alone”, and “Take Me Away”, the latter charting at number 5 in Israel. In late 1993, Is It Love, a full length studio album, was released worldwide, and was accompanied by a worldwide tour with stops in Europe, Australia, and Africa.

After the success of Is It Love, the band quickly capitalized on their success by readying material for another new album. In 1994, “Oh Baby!” and “Keep on Tryin’” were released. Although the singles did not chart in the United Kingdom, where they had experienced large success before, the band continued its success throughout the rest of Europe. After both singles were released, the band released I Wanna Show You, their third studio album, in mid-1994.

In 1996, “We Are the World”, managed to break charts in the Czech Republic and Netherlands.

In 1997, “If You Want My Love” and “Friday Night” were released, the Netherlands remained a constant area of success for the band. Following a few live performances and the release of the band’s fourth studio album, 24 Hours 7 Days A Week.

After nearly a decade of silence, Twenty 4 Seven was revived in 2007 by van Rijen, who had collaborated with vocalist Elle to create a jumpstyle cover of the Berlin song “Like Flames”. The song entered the Dutch charts in November at #45, and peaked at #20 in late 2007.

In July 2010, van Rijen announced a brand new version of “Slave to the Music”, titled “Slave to the Music 2010”, would be released in late 2010. A single was released in 2012 titled ‘The Reason’. A music video was made for this single.