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Solid Harmonie are a British pop girl group. The group was moderately successful, releasing five singles and a self-titled album. They had the most success in the Netherlands where their album went to No. 1 in the album charts and was certified gold. Also the single “I Want You to Want Me” peaked at #4 in the Dutch single charts. They sold over a million records worldwide.

Solid Harmonie formed in 1996 they released their debut single “Got 2 have ya” in 1996.

The group was successful, releasing the four singles “I’ll be there for you”, “I want you to want me”, “I wanna love you” and “To love once again” preceded by their self-titled debut album release “Solid Harmonie”. The album includes all their hits except “Got 2 have ya”, which only appears on a special edition of the album and the Christmas song “Give love on christmas day”, which can be found exclusively on a Christmas sampler.

Solid Harmonie announced to be working on a comeback. The line up will be the initial official one with Elisa Cariera, Beki Onslow and Melissa Graham. Solid HarmoniE will start recording and doing photoshoots in March 2013. The new single will be released in 2014. The song is produced by a producer who also did official remixes for Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, Mylène Farmer and many more. Solid HarmoniE announced in April 2014 that their new single is going to be called ‘Circus’.