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Rednex had an international novelty hit with their cover version of the song “Cotton Eye Joe” in 1994. They were very popular in Germany, where the band holds the record of most total weeks (25) at number one on the German singles chart over the past 30 years scoring such hits as “Old Pop in an Oak”, “The Spirit of the Hawk” and “Wish You Were Here”.

Rednex usually record their songs with studio musicians, to complement the redneck performers who represent the group on stage and in music videos.

Single and video “Racing” was released in May 2012. This was followed in November 2012 by “The End”. The video for “The End” was recorded on September 2, 2012 at Garay Utca, the ”ghetto of Budapest”, and is a flowumentary. Rednex refuted the notion that “The End” is related to 2012 doomsday theories. The characters featured in the video are Joe Cagg, Dagger, Dakotah, Ace Ratclaw, and Rufus Jones.