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Its been nearly 10 years since Marie-José van der Kolk alias Loona arrived at the studio to record Bailandoand she knew then that an amazing career was about to be launched. The pop industry welcomed this new girl on the scene and witnessed itself, following the release of Bailando the phenomenal rise to success of Loona and knew then that she was never going to be a “one hit wonder”. No one was prepared for the level of success that followed. Bailando stormed the German charts and climbed quickly to capture top slot.
Germany’s highest music prize the “Echo” was awarded to Loona for her interpretation of “Bailando”.

But this was not the end but the beginning. Gold, Platinum and double Platinum honours from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were thrust upon her. It was clear to Marie at this point in her career, that she didn’t want to be the same as other artists in the industry. Pop stars if you like.

It was so important to her that Bailando should be a song and style in its own right and that any new recordings should be different and individual in their own way. I didn’t want to record a Bailando 2 recalls Loona. I wanted people to see something that was real. Something that was a first.
Soon after Loona teamed up for a joint venture with the newly formed Orchestra De La Luna, a 40 man ensemble of Germanys finest musicians, presenting LOONA with the imposing and very emotional ballad Hijo de la Luna.
Pole position in the German charts swiftly followed and with sales exceeding 1 million Loona once again carried off Gold and Platinum honours. The debut album Lunita together with the third single Donde Vasfully confirmed Loona’s top standing in the charts. The smash hit single Mamboleo which reached number 3 in the German Singles chart enabled Loona to receive the second Echo’s award of her career.

To know Loona is to know Marie- José. Such is the power and belief of this self confident young woman that to listen to her music ensures that you are listening to the very thoughts and soul of the heart of this amazing performer. All the emotions she feels for any one thing can be translated into the dreams and feelings of all her listeners. They relate to the very truth of what is being said and ensures that the courage of those beliefs are transmitted to each and everyone of her fans. Loona safely but wantonly brings these emotions and beliefs to her amazing shows to such a level that you come away feeling like you have been individually chosen by Loona to become an ambassador of music and happiness. This is so apparent in her image and passion on her many live performances and numerous award ceremonies.

She radiates the whole ethos of what she delivers. She lifts us up wherever we may be.