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Gala is an Italian pop singer-songwriter. A dance cult artist known for her minimalist look and haunting voice, Gala has sold over six million records worldwide. Her debut album “Come Into My Life” included the multiplatinum singles “Freed From Desire,” “Let a Boy Cry” and “Come Into My Life” which reached the Top 3 in music charts across Europe, South America, Russia and the Middle East, and continue to be fixtures in clubs today worldwide.

Gala headlined at the 2014 Winter Olympics at Medals Plaza in Sochi. The performance was broadcast live on Europa Plus TV, Russia’s most popular television channel. She performed an hour set which amongst others included her three new singles: “Lose Yourself In Me”, “Taste Of Me” and “The Beautiful”. Despite the controversy surrounding the Olympics, Gala opened her performance with her 90’s hit “Let A Boy Cry” in support of her gay following.