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Emilia Rydberg has sold over 4.5 million albums! As you might guess, thanks to the song Big Big World, that became a international hit in 1999. Emilia was only 19 at that time, and had just graduated from The Adolf Fredrik’s Music School in Stockholm, Sweden.

A couple of years, three albums and a few life experiences later she is now releasing a new album My World, on her own record label Mitiku Music.

Gone is the young naiveté (she’s sweet, but…”). Back is the beautiful voice and the zest for music – this time in a more grown up packaging, with a big portion of self-irony!

Emilia about the album:

The new album “My World” connects my newest hit “You’re My World” with “Big Big World”. At the same time it is an invitation to my fans: This is my world. A world from a woman’s perspective. The album contains vibrant emotions, and is a way of making peace with myself and old lovers. The songs are as spicy, juicy and dramatic as my creative alter ego.