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Pedro Cervero – Born in Valencia, Spain and from kindergarden had a great interest in dance music. This brought him to collaborate with different innovative groups on the valencian dance scene publishing a variety of work with the Estanpida Lable.

Associated with the Industrial and Techno pop movement Pedro dj..s in Valencias legendary “Avant” “Universal” “Escena” “Amnesia Ibiza” etc. where he was pioneer in introducing the “Dance” sound. As a producer his career and discography is extense. Pedro was one of the links in producing dance music – In 1987 he released his first vinyl, tracks like effects – shalom were released in 1989.

In 1991 Spririt Dance/Interface. 1993 Action and Chains of Fools extending the valencian sound to wider grounds like with Rafa Villalba in chiquitere and @ mi corazon by TanTango.The HHF made it into the charts. Knockin’ plus All Right are Double Visions biggest hits.

Topping charts all over Europe, Gold disks in Holand, Belgium,Germany and Platinum in Austria, included in more than 75 recopilations – but most important was the report from Spains SGAE informing that Double vision had been the no.1 worldwide seller. Double Vision contains two visions – picture the 80..s, situated in Valencias special night life, Caroline born in London of Irish decent, sings blues, rock and funk in Valencian hot spots such as “Glop” “Zenital” “Black Note” “Assesino” and is introduced to Pedro.