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With hits like Drill Instructor and Soldier Soldier, the group has earned 19 gold and platinum records throughout Europe.

In 2005 the front man of the group (Franky Gee), died totally unexpected.

The Captain Jackname was revived in 2008.

Bruce Lacy’s wife finds out on a Tupperware party, about a big Captain Jack audition and makes the first contact to the producer Udo Niebergall. Bruce prevails and wins the audition as one of numerous contestants and was from that moment on the new face of the group.

Laura Martin did also a successful Audition-gig in May 2009 in Mallorca, she is the new female face on leadsinger Bruce Lacy´s side for Captain Jack.

The new lineup’s first single was more pointing towards the dance-pop and hip hop scene, dropping the original lineup’s eurodance style.